Leading the Industry in Technology


For over a decade, Digital Entertainment has been the Virgin Islands’ source for digital systems and property management. We offer our customers satellite television, IVS (internet via satellite), security systems, digital and plasma televisions, home theaters, online ordering systems, security camera systems, telephone networking, and as part of our commitment to our clientele, property management for on- or off-island owners.

Founded in 1997 based on a pledge to customer satisfaction, Digital Entertainment is your one stop source for your digital and home comfort needs. Much of the Virgin Islands’ digital commerce depends on the digital services provided by Digital Entertainment. Let us find a solution for you.

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We also assist our valued clients in selling properties, purchasing and selling of land. We are well known in the British Virgin Islands for our excellent service.

As your Real Estate Agent, we will assist you in getting necessary documentation from Government, when land is sold or when land is purchased that includes: land Tax and house Tax documents. We also deal with legal documents that need to be filed by a lawyer.

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